Deciding Where You Should Travel

You have some holidays at work that need to be used, a little extra cash in your account and a desire to get away for a while. The problem is, however, that you don’t know where you want to go.

There are so many wonderful places in the world, each with unique opportunities and experiences for you to consider. It can be a little overwhelming, and you might not even know where to begin. Therefore, we’ve compiled a few tips that should help you narrow down your preferred destination.

What Do You Want to Get Out of Your Trip?

This is the most important question you should ask yourself – just what do you want to do (besides the obvious “enjoy myself”)? There are many different types of holidays – some people want to lie on a beach, others want to immerse themselves in the local culture, and then there are those looking for a little adventure.

Think about which of these three “types” you would enjoy the most, and this will significantly narrow down your options. Fancy lounging in the sun by the sea? A landlocked country such as Austria is probably the wrong choice.

Are You Travelling Alone?

While this won’t remove certain destinations from your list altogether, it is something to consider. Some areas are safer than others, and so you might feel more comfortable travelling as part of a group.

Aside from security reasons, some places have activities that are much more fun to do with other people. You will get much more enjoyment from skiing in the Alps, for example, if you’re sliding down the slopes with a group of friends. Of course, if you don’t mind doing this sort of thing alone – then go for it!

Consider Past Experiences and Personal Preference

A lot of people tend to revisit the same places year after year, comfortable in the knowledge that they know what they’re getting. If you’re struggling to think of somewhere to go, you might want to consider any previous destinations that you’ve found enjoyable.

Likewise, there may be a country or region in the world that you’ve always wanted to visit – possibly because of its portrayal in a movie or a book, or just some pictures you once saw in a magazine. Family and friend recommendations are another great source for ideas.

What is your budget?

Obviously, a big part of your decision will be down to what you can afford. Far off destinations such as Australia and China may be out of reach, but there are plenty of European countries that are more affordable. France, Germany, Italy etc.

Not only do you need to think about flights and accommodation, but also general expenses. Food, activities and souvenirs need to be taken into account. If your budget is rather limited then the choice actually becomes much easier.

You can check out our destinations page to find out which European cities we fly to.


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